Individual Counseling & Psychotherapy

"People can look to therapy to numb their experience, or to fearlessly embrace it.” ~Chogyam Trugpa Rinpache  

Individual therapy involves one therapist and one client, generally working with individual concerns. Many people find individual counseling offers the most effective and efficient way for them to deal with immediate and chronic life challenges, accomplish personal exploration and growth, make long-term lifestyle changes, and navigate major life transitions. Inner Gardens Counseling offers a safe, caring and supportive environment where you can talk about your feelings, thoughts, and the problems or goals you are struggling with. The focus will be on the issues you feel are most important in your life. I will listen deeply, and sometimes ask for clarification or offer feedback, all the while facilitating you in finding your own inherent self-healing growth process, and developing your best strategies for achieving the goals that matter to you. While there may not always be a "cure", psychological and emotional healing can make a genuine difference in your life--at any age, and in the most challenging circumstances. 

Individual therapy usually consists of one 55- to 65-minute session per week. However, sessions may be longer or more frequent depending on the issue at hand, and your specific needs. Longer sessions are available for those who want to work in this way.  The overall number of sessions you meet with me will be determined by your goals, and you may choose to terminate therapy at any time you wish. I will work with you to assess progress, and to help make any transition comfortable. Generally, clients are seen in the offices. However, when a person is hospitalized or homebound other arrangements are possible. Together we can find the most appropriate setting--one that is comfortable, safe, and confidential. 

When it would bring benefit, I am always willing to interchange and collaborate with your physicians, caregivers, other healthcare providers, and healing arts practitioners. This collaborative approach is actually part of my practice model. There are times when collaboration is the best way for a person to effectively navigate the multidimensional aspects of their situation. The collaborative approach has been likened to having a therapeutic community which is organized around you, and functions to optimize your opportunity to accomplish your goals. I am experienced in integrating counseling therapy services with those of other healthcare providers. I invite you to begin living your life with purpose, on purpose—today.

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