I believe emotional, psychological and cognitive health are critical components of overall well-being. I do not want money to stand in the way of someone being able to find the help they want. For this reason:

  • I provide a suggested fee for services as guidance, and then ask people to talk with me if this does not fit in with their budget
  • We will talk together about all fees prior to the onset of services so you can make decisions based on full knowledge of charges.
  • I have developed referral resources that provide significantly reduced, and/or no-fee services when that is desired.
  • I maintain my practice to include a percentage of sessions as reduced fee sessions.
  • I support insurance reimbursement to clients by providing a superbill with the appropriate coding and other information required by their provider.
  • When requested, and with appropriate releases, I can help clients find out exactly what benefits their insurance company provides to them, and how the reimbursement process might work for them.
  • I am happy to prepare paperwork for reporting expenditures through a Health Service Account (HSA).

PAYMENT POLICY: Payment is due at the time of service. Of course, cash and check are always accepted. Also, for your convenience you will soon be able to use your credit or debit card to pay through a very easy and very secure online payment service.

INSURANCE: I am an out-of-network licensed professional counselor for a number of insurers. I can help you with the questions you should ask your insurer to verify your benefits for the services you are seeking. I am always happy to provide a medically coded superbill for clients who wish to then submit it to their insurance carriers for reimbursement. The superbill includes 1) documentation of services, and 2) a mental health diagnosis (required by insurers) with supporting evidence 3) a plan for treatment. This then becomes a part of your permanent health record with your insurance provider.

HEALTH SERVICE ACCOUNT (HSA): I can provide you with a receipt of services which you can then utilize at the time you file your taxes.

COLLABORATION POLICY: Collaboration with a person's physicians or other healthcare providers can bring significant benefits. Case management can also facilitate coordination when there is a variety of ongoing services. These approaches will be discussed with you if together we decide this would benefit our work together. You will always have that choice.

I also am available to work as a co-therapist if this therapeutic team approach would seem to be most beneficial.

In some circumstances, I may request that you consult with another professional for such purposes as medication evaluation, medical testing or evaluation, or psychological follow-up. I will discuss this with you as soon as I become aware this could be beneficial.

CANCELLATION POLICY: I understand that unexpected events occur in everyone's life. If you must cancel a session (except in an emergency) please provide 24 hr. notification prior to your scheduled session time. Being on time for your session insures an opportunity to get maximum benefit from our work together.


Individual Counseling Therapy:

  • $75 suggested for a regular session (generally ~55-60 minutes)
  • $90 suggested for an extended session (generally ~85-90 minutes)

Committed Couples Counseling Therapy:

  • $85 suggested per session (generally ~60-70 minutes)
  • $435 suggested for Pre-marital/Pre-long - term Commitment package: (seven sessions tailored to the unique needs and goals for the relationship. (Others have found this to be a great gift for the couple ).

Therapeutic Groups: Fees vary. Please take a look at the Community Calendar for information about current and upcoming groups


  • $110 suggested per session (generally 80-90 minutes)
  • $275 The Optimizing Outcomes Program : two pre-surgery/treatment/procedure sessions and one post-surgery session. This package can be extended to include additional sessions.


  • $80 suggested per session (generally 60 - 70 minutes)
  • $120 suggested for an extended session (generally ~120 minutes)
  • $575 Become the Leader of Your Life Package: 7 sessions focused on your goals, and the personalized strategies that can help you accomplish them

Creative Circles & Personal Growth Groups: Fees vary. Please take a look at the Community Calendar for information on current and upcoming offerings.

Seminars and Workshops: Fees vary. Please take a look at the Community Calendar for information on current and upcoming seminars and workshops. Or, call to discuss your specific needs.

Speaking: Please call to discuss your needs, or the topics you are most interested in.

Consulting and Signature Programs: Please call to discuss services for businesses and organizations.