“The best of modern therapy is much like a process of shared meditation, where therapist and client sit together, learning to pay close attention to those aspects and dimensions of the self that the client may be unable to touch on his or her own.” ~Jack Kornfield

"It takes a lot of courage to release the familiar and seemingly secure to embrace the new. But there is not real security in what is no longer meaningful." ~Alan Cohen

There are a number of reasons people seek counseling and psychotherapy. There is no one 'right way' to process change, deal with life challenges, or accomplish personal growth. However, many people have found that working with a knowledgeable and caring professional has helped them take the time to examine their choices; look at motivations and consequences; evaluate, reinvigorate and deepen relationships; and move beyond limiting beliefs and thoughts about situations, symptoms and life. Perhaps most important, they have been able to create new pathways for experiencing balance, harmony, fulfillment and well-being.

Change requires a commitment that often means letting go of the familiar and exploring new ways of thinking, believing, acting and making meaning. Maybe you've struggled with a challenge for a long time. Or perhaps you've experienced an unexpected and disruptive situation you're having a difficult time dealing with. You may have decided to explore options for personal growth. Even when change and growth are desired, or a life transition has been anticipated, a person can be left feeling overwhelmed, vulnerable and alone--struggling to maintain balance; trying to find clarity and direction. It can be comforting to know there's someone who can help you move forward in a positive way .

Maybe you find it difficult to ask for help. I understand. In a safe, caring, and confidential setting you'll be encouraged to share your story—to talk about what's important to you without fear of being judged. You'll have an opportunity to explore the power of choice in your life; to re-connect with the inner strengths that have gotten you this far; to become aware of what brings meaning to you; and to begin to flourish into well-being. Follow the links below to learn more about the services at Inner Gardens Counseling. Call (636) 724 – 1731 to schedule a free consultation, or to make an appointment.